Website Development

A website needs to be more than just cool design and filling the function of “online presence” for your business. Your website is more than an online brochure. When we work with web development, we consider the “big picture” – from a marketing and sales – to functionality and design.

First and foremost your website is a tool for your business. Your website will help increase sales and support all your marketing efforts. At Talentino Media we will often act as the point person working together with your in-house creative staff – IT departments and programmers – as well as your business and marketing departments. Our focus is to develop a website for your business but also to create a functional online media strategy from beginning to end.

We always keep the function and purpose of your website as a top priority. Driving traffic and increasing your online business is always the main goal. We will help you create a strategy for online promotion and marketing that fits your budget and your needs to make your project a success.

Website development is really just a part of your overall marketing. It’s also an on-going process. Website development needs to be a collaborative effort to be successful. Content, design and marketing strategy need to work together and even when the new website has launched, there is more work to be done with online promotion, marketing and updating.

We will help put together a plan for how you can drive traffic to your website. This process will usually include identifying good keywords for your business, submitting your website to search engines and also including traditional marketing and promotion in your strategy. We will also discuss options for how to keep the content on your website fresh and up to date. Maybe you want to take care of your own content updates in-house, maybe you need help to layout your monthly newsletter or updating your information.

There are three main phases in website development.

Planning & Flowchart
First, we make a plan and outline exactly what function your website needs to have. Who’s your audience? What information are they looking for? What do we want to achieve? Then, we start gathering all the information that needs to be available on your website – and we also make a plan for information that needs to be created. This include text, graphics, photos, video or other multimedia. We also create a flow chart for your website.

Design & Implementation
Once the flowchart is approved, we’ll begin working on the design and implementation. We’ll create a design of the navigation and the home page, and other pages for you to approve. Once the design is approved, we’ll go ahead and add the content to the website. By working closely together we make sure that your finished website will meet your needs.

Marketing & Promotion
Once your website is live, we will help promote your website on the internet and also by using traditional marketing and PR techniques.

We believe that the key to a successful website project is collaboration and a long-term plan. Your website needs to be constructed for growth and change, because the online landscape changes very rapidly.

A website is always a work in progress – that’s what makes it fascinating, and it’s also what makes a website such a great tool for your business.
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