The old days of Hollywood are long gone, and broadcast and cable television is changing as we write this text.  For small business owners, this is a good thing.  It’s now easier than ever to communicate directly with potential clients and show what you can do.
We have produced hundreds of web episodes for the internet for our own website and for clients.  If you are thinking about creating your own video podcast, you have come to the right place.  We can help you get started, and help you with all phases of production from idea and script writing all the way to promotion and distribution. To find out how you can use video to increase your sales – visit this page.

Right now, we are in production of the following podcasts:


Coastal Companion podcast


Coastalcompanion.com’s podcast focuses on festivals and events on the coasts of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida – right now from Myrtle Beach to Daytona Beach. In addition to festivals and events, we also talk about food and cooking, music, nature, interviews with authors, filmmakers, naturalists and much more. Basically all things unique to the coastal lifestyle.  Our video podcast is distributed through a network of online distribution platforms including youtube, itunes, metacafe, veoh and a many others, and we also post the podcast on www.Coastalcompanion.com.  We just love this area and we love what we do, and it seems like our audience is enjoying it too. Over the past three years we have built a loyal audience consisting of both residents and visitors who also enjoy the coastal lifestyle. They subscribe to our newsletter, watch our videos, visit our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. They are 35+ years old,  mobile, educated, and they are active on the Internet.  
If this is your target market, we suggest that you become a sponsor of our weekly podcast. The sponsorship will give you exposure to an audience interested in all things coastal, through our podcasts, our website, newsletter and social media. We are looking for a business or organization who, just like us,  is devoted to this market long-term.



JaxSharkbytes.com Podcast

This 2011 season we’re producing  video podcast for the Jacksonville Sharks arena football fan. The series is distributed on the website JaxSharkbytes.com. This series will include a game recap show, talks with coach Moss and behind-the-scene interviews with players and staff during the 2011 season. We’re are also shooting videos with the Shark Attack Dance team, so make sure to stay tuned. You can sign up here to get notified when new episodes are uploaded (click on this link). Sponsorship opportunities are available for the JaxSharkbytes.com podcast series. Just call Joe Talentino at 904.345.0755 to find out more.


Live Webcast Production

We can help produce live streaming for events and happening. We will work with you to get the best production possible for your event at a reasonable cost. Live streaming can involve several cameras, on air talent, reporters, live switching, motion graphics and commercial breaks – just like an ordinary live broadcast production. But live streaming can also be a small one camera shoot.

If you have ideas about doing a live event, call us today to find out who we can help by combining your event with an online live webcast production.


Custom Web Podcast for Your Business


For some organizations, and businesses, it makes sense to produce a completely new podcast series to service your market. You might have a series of events, or a special theme, that lends itself to video. If so let’s become podcast partners and make it happen!

We can help you create your own video podcast for your event or for your business from beginning to end. Call Joe Talentino at 904.345.0755 to talk about your idea.

Go here to find out more about how to use video to increase sales.