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There are some of the services we use ourselves and we recommend to our clients.

We only recommend services and products we use ourselves, or have used in the past, or set up for clients of ours.  There are a lot of other services out there, and we recommend that you do your own research and make your own decisions to find what fits you best.

Email Marketing and Auto-responder from Aweber

aweberAweber is one of the most well-known products on the internet. It’s easy to use, and works really well. Aweber uses double-opt in sign ups, which  we recommend. Double-opt in simply means that the subscribers gets sent an email confirmation request from you and they have to click on the link to confirm the subscription.

The auto-responder means that you can set up a sequence of emails to be sent to your subscribers, for example a three-part series of articles or videos. It’s possible to automatically email information out to subscribers via the auto-responder. This is particularly useful for ecommerce stores or businesses who sell their products or services online.

If you have a large list to import, please note that all your old subscribers will have to confirm that they want to receive information from you.  Most likely this will cause you to loose subscribers to start out with, which can be negative to some businesses owners. Having a double-opt in list will make your list more valuable thought and you are not risking spamming any of your subscribers.

Lots of functionality and tracking.

Check out their website and sign up for a free trial before you decide.

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